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Quality Engineering Services engineered to make your products successful

Our Software Testing Services deliver end-to-end testing solutions that reduce costs & increase efficiency to deliver better digital products faster.

QA services ensure that the software product meets both functional and non-functional requirements, meets the desired quality standards, and delivers a seamless user experience. These services cover a range of activities, including test planning, test execution, defect management, test automation, performance testing, mobile device testing, and manual testing.

QA services are designed to reduce costs and increase efficiency to deliver better digital products faster. By ensuring that software products are of high quality, QA services help companies increase customer satisfaction, reduce support costs, and improve their overall reputation.
QA Services issue detection and report generation.

Our Testing Services

Test Automation

Collaborating with 12th Wonder for test automation means getting the real deal – better test results, faster. With testing processes that mitigate delays and reduce errors, allowing for faster deployment and improved user experiences, our one-stop-shop approach ensures that you can launch top-quality products in record time, leaving your competition in the dust.
Test Automation
Performance testing

Performance Testing

Our software testing and quality assurance services realize product expansion. Performance testing is one of the most important aspects at this stage. With the product user count growing, this directly impacts customer satisfaction and business revenue.

Mobile Device Testing

In today’s mobile prioritized world, we assist you to stand out from the crowd with high-performing apps that delight your customer. With years of expertise, we provide tailored end-to-end application testing services that cater your unique needs, so you can deliver experiences that exceed expectations.
Mobile device testing
Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Manual Testing Services are required to ensure that software products meet functional and non-functional requirements. Using manual testing, we can evaluate the end-user interaction with the software and identify bugs, feature enhancements, and usability issues.

Our Testing Services

Seamless Integration with Your Internal Teams

Our engineers seamlessly integrate with your in-house teams, dedicating their focus solely to your project for the duration of the engagement. Through our optimized communication processes, we ensure collaboration and efficient problem resolution, maintaining a united vision for the software’s quality. 

“The engineers from this team have become like an extension of our own, deeply involved in our projects for extended periods. Their seamless integration and commitment have fostered strong, productive relationships within our teams.” 

“Their team’s expertise in software testing has been pivotal for our projects. Their ability to swiftly adapt to our changing needs and expertly handle our diverse requirements has been invaluable.”

Flexible, Expert Software Testing Services

Our team maintains a pool of specialized software testing engineers, always ready to engage swiftly in response to your needs. With decades of experience in diverse sectors such as SaaS/cloud, finance/fintech, and healthcare, we excel in rapidly grasping your project’s unique requirements. Our adaptability ensures we can effectively adjust our resources to align with your evolving needs. 

Services Tailored for Seamless Integration in Your Environment

Understanding the importance of synergy between development and quality engineering teams, we have refined our inter-company communication strategies. Our approach supports every commercial and bespoke testing tool used by our clients. 

“Their team integrates flawlessly with ours, adapting to our tools and workflows as if they were their own. Their involvement feels more like an extension of our in-house team rather than an external service.”

“The team excels in delivering outstanding quality consistently and has an impressive capability to expand their services rapidly to align with our dynamic requirements.” 

Commitment to Excellence in Software Development

Recognized by our clients as authorities in quality engineering, we take a proactive stance in understanding and addressing client needs. Our team doesn’t just follow instructions; we engage actively and stay abreast of industry trends and tools for continuous improvement. 

We Provide Complete Testing Services, Including



Mobile Device


Why choose 12W QA Services?

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Improved product quality

Our end-to-end testing solutions ensure that your products meet high-quality standards and are defect-free.

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Faster time to market

By identifying and fixing defects earlier in the development process, our QA services enable faster product releases, giving you a competitive advantage.

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Reduced costs

Our testing services help reduce costs associated with fixing defects after product release, as well as those associated with manual testing.

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Enhanced customer satisfaction

We ensure that your products meet the needs and expectations of your customers, leading to increased satisfaction and brand loyalty.

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Compliance with standards and regulations

We ensure that your products comply with industry standards and regulations, reducing legal and financial risks.

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Increased productivity

By using the latest tools and methodologies, we help reduce testing time from days to hours, allowing your team to focus on other productive activities.

"Your QA teams know more about testing than our teams do."

– We’ve got your back!

12W "serve"-ices to cool down your QA chaos.

At 12W, our Testing Services provide end-to-end testing solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiency to deliver better digital products faster. We offer Test Automation, Performance Testing, Mobile Device Testing, and Manual Testing.
Our goal is to help our clients deliver top-quality products in record time, leaving their competition in the dust.
Our experts collaborate with clients to create customized testing strategies, implement them with our one-stop-shop approach, and provide detailed analysis and support throughout the testing lifecycle.
We use the latest tools and methodologies to accelerate time to market, increase code coverage, improve product reliability, and reduce testing time from days to hours.

Ace Your Tests

Let 12W handle your QA quests.

At 12th Wonder, we focus on identifying and fixing defects early in the development process to lead to better products, happier customers, and more efficient development processes