Accelerate time to market using our Test Automation Services

Our Test Automation Services are designed to help you increase code coverage, reduce test execution time, improve product reliability and ship faster.

Testing Automation intricates, from Automated UI testing, Automated Regression Testing to API Testing

Accelerate time to market using our Test Automation Services

Our Test Automation Services are designed to help you increase code coverage, reduce test execution time, improve product reliability and ship faster.

QA Test Automation services by 12W

Skip long hours of manual testing with our Test Automation Services for usable, reliable, and scalable software.
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Accessibility Testing

We believe in inclusive software experiences. Our Accessibility Testing ensures your software is accessible to users with disabilities. Leveraging automation, we assess compliance with accessibility standards like WCAG, promoting social responsibility and enhancing user satisfaction with an inclusive experience.

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Usability Testing

Our comprehensive Usability Testing employs automated techniques to validate your application's usability. We assess navigation, visual appeal, responsiveness, and user experience, ensuring your software meets the highest standards for a delightful user journey.

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Regression Testing

Automate your critical Regression Testing with 12W. Our experienced team develops robust test suites covering all key functionalities. Rapid feedback from automated regression tests allows confident releases, avoiding unexpected issues and regressions.

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Performance Testing

Experience accurate and scalable Performance Testing with automation. We simulate realistic user loads, measure response times, and identify performance bottlenecks. Our automated tests provide valuable insights for proactive performance optimization.

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API Testing

Ensure the functionality, reliability, and security of your APIs with our comprehensive automated API Testing. Seamless integration, proper data exchange, and accurate responses empower your software for seamless interactions with other systems.

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Functional Testing

We specialize in automating Functional Testing to meet desired requirements flawlessly. Comprehensive test suites verify all functionalities, delivering reliable and bug-free software, meeting user expectations and industry standards.

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Cross-Browser Testing

Deliver a seamless user experience regardless of browser choice with our automated Cross-Browser Testing. We execute test cases on different browsers and platforms, ensuring consistent performance and functionality.

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Data-Driven Testing

Our automated Data-Driven Testing generates diverse and realistic test data sets for comprehensive coverage while minimizing manual effort, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of your testing.

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Continuous Integration and Continuous Testing (CI/CT)

Enable efficient software delivery with our CI/CT services. Seamlessly integrate automated testing into your CI/CD pipelines, detecting bugs early and achieving shorter release cycles with higher code quality

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Code Quality Analysis

Assess the quality, maintainability, and security of your code with our automated Code Quality Analysis. Valuable insights help you proactively address code issues, ensuring a robust and scalable codebase.

At 12W, we are committed to providing comprehensive QA Test Automation services to meet your business’s specific needs. Partner with 12W to optimize your testing efforts, accelerate time to market, and deliver exceptional software products. 
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Test Automation Lifecycle

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Scope Definition
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Tool Selection
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Test Case Review/ Development
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Framework Implementation
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Test Data Preparation
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Automated Test Execution
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CI/CD Integration
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Analysis And Test Run Reports
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Monitor And Support

Skip long hours of manual testing with our Test Automation Services for usable, reliable, and scalable software.

Increased Test Coverage 
Our automated testing broadens and deepens coverage across devices, ensuring better quality and faster releases with reusable tests after every build. 


Improved Test Accuracy 
Our automated tests ensure consistent and accurate executions, swiftly identifying bugs, supporting DevOps, and delivering reliable results. 



Cost Savings 
Our automated tests cut expenses and time by executing tests concurrently across platforms, eliminating the need for manual repetitions after code changes. 

Listing out the benefits of Test Automation.

Detect Early, Detect Often 
With automated tests running repeatedly after each code change, we catch bugs early, preventing costly fixes in production and ensuring a smoother development process.


Avoid Burnout 
Let our automated testing relieve your team from monotonous tasks. Focus on productivity, creating test cases, and generating effective data instead.

Reduced Reliance on Tribal Knowledge 
Automated Testing help to document the functionality of the application and reduce the reliance on tribal knowledge 

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Test Script Maintenance and Scalability

Our team at 12W ensures the scalability and maintainability of test automation scripts by following industry best practices. We design modular and reusable scripts that can adapt to changing application functionalities, reducing maintenance efforts and ensuring long-term scalability.

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Test Coverage and Reporting

We provide comprehensive test coverage through a well-defined set of test cases that cover critical functionalities and edge cases. Our detailed reports encompass test execution results, defects, and performance metrics, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions and track progress effectively.

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Test Environment and Data Management

We take care of test environment setup, including hardware, software, and network configuration, to create an environment that mirrors the production setup. Our robust test data management ensures reliable and reproducible results, leveraging data-driven testing approaches to cover diverse scenarios and maintain data integrity.

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