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Benefits of Test Automation

Skip long hours of manual testing with our Test Automation Services for usable, reliable, and scalable software.

Increased Test Coverage

Automated testing takes the burden off manual testing, allowing for broader, deeper coverage across multiple devices, ultimately leading to better quality and faster releases. Unlike manual tests, automated tests are reusable and can be executed after every build.

Improved Test Accuracy

Mistakes crop up while performing manual testing. At times, it can be tedious but requires accurate actions. Automated tests execute the same sequence of steps each time and record outcomes with support for DevOps and ability to quickly identify bugs.

Cost Savings

With every change to the source code, the entire suite of tests need to be executed on every supported platform and hardware configurations. Manually executing these tests for each change is expensive and time consuming. Automated tests can execute multiple tests concurrently reducing the testing time from days to hours.

Detect Early, Detect Often

Automated tests can be run repeatedly with every source code change and detect bugs early. This avoids the exponential cost of fixing bugs discovered in production environments.

Avoid Burnout

Manual Testing can become labor intensive and monotonous leading to employee disengagement and burnout. Automated tests allow testers to focus on productive activities like creating new test cases, generating effective test data instead of repeating the same activity over and over.

Reduced Reliance on Tribal Knowledge

Automated Testing help to document the functionality of the application and reduce the reliance on tribal knowledge

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Test Automation Lifecycle

Scope Definition
Tool Selection
Test Case Review/ Development
Framework Implementation
Test Data Preparation
Automated Test Execution
CI/CD Integration
Analysis And Test Run Reports
Monitor And Support

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