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Relocate partially or entirely your IT services. Provide better services, high level of availability and security with less infrastructure.

Success Stories

At 12W, we're committed to providing solutions for our customers’ most pressing technology issues. 12W solutions enable operational excellence, optimized return on technology investments and help you on your digital transformation journey. Our team has had the privilege of collaborating with numerous companies, and we are proud to share our success stories with you.
Quality Engineering & Assurance Services, detecting issues and collaborating easily to get the development phase running smoothly.
Simpson is a building management company that ensures sustainability and high-quality construction products.
Case study on QA Services offered by us for the Automotive sector.

Our client, a prominent automotive manufacturer, encountered significant challenges in managing payments to contractors through their application.

superchared engine test
America’s leading automotive manufacturer sought to optimize its engine testing operations to meet increased vehicle production demands cost-effectively.