Internet of Things (IoT)

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IoT Fuels Transformational Change Across Industries

There’s a paradigm shift in how billions of people and devices across the globe connect, communicate and interact with each other – the 4th industrial revolution.
Steam-powered the initial industrial revolution, followed by electricity and advances in computing in the 1980s which underpinned the 3rd.

The current revolution exploits technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Robotics and, of course, Internet of Things (IoT).
Keeping pace with the latest IoT developments is the key to securing significant competitive advantage across multiple industries and vertical markets.

Other significant benefits can include cost reduction, revenue generation, enhanced security and exploitable insights across your entire organization.

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Significant Platforms In The IoT Space

Microsoft – The Azure Internet of Things

The Azure Internet of Things consists of Microsoft-managed cloud services that connect, monitor, and control billions of IoT assets. Their IoT solutions consist of IoT devices and back-end services running in the cloud that communicate with each other.
Microsoft's Azure IoT platform connects, monitors, and controls billions of IoT assets through cloud-managed services, facilitating seamless communication.

Amazon – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS IoT provides functionality from the edge to the cloud, which means you can build IoT solutions for virtually any scenario across a comprehensive range of devices. Because AWS IoT integrates with Artificial Intelligence (AI) services, devices can be made smarter with or without internet connectivity.
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IoT Is Impacting A Wide Range of Industries, Some notable examples:



Improving product performance and serviceable life with reduced maintenance requirements. Informing reduced inventory holdings, agile production planning and scheduling while improving the customer experience through the early warning of quality issues.

Transports & Logistics

Remote asset monitoring via telematics informs predictive maintenance, end-to-end shipment tracking, and increased asset utilization and productivity. Improving service levels and regulatory compliance.



Energy & Utilities

Intelligent energy-efficient facilities with remote service monitoring, highly efficient grid monitoring, graphical user interfaces and visualization layers. Pro-active conditioned-based maintenance informed by remote asset monitoring.


Connected Healthcare

Improving patient health outcomes and streamlining challenging communication practices, especially in remote locations. Preserving patient privacy and compliance with global health regulations.

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