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Leading Top 15 Best Software Testing & Quality Assurance Global Companies

top 15 QA company

This guide highlights the top 15 software testing companies that consistently deliver high value from small, mighty teams. It emphasizes the critical role of QA testing in ensuring software quality in the fast-evolving tech landscape. Given the outsourced software testing market’s growth, from USD 3.56B in 2022 to an expected USD 5.28B by 2032, the selection of a reliable testing partner is key.
This list is focused on aiding businesses in choosing the right testing partner. It features companies with significant experience, diverse service offerings, and strong industry reputations.

1. 12thWonder

Founded: 2012
Headquarters: California, United States. Expanded presence in Ivory Coast, Japan, and India.
12thWonder has a global tech team of 100 employees with a diverse and expanding workforce.
Key services:
12thWonder offers a broad range of services including QA services (test automation, performance testing, mobile device testing, manual testing), mobile application development (iOS, Android), IoT, RFID, RPA, cloud services, and geospatial solutions. Their services focus on automation, digitization, and providing cutting-edge software solutions for maximum business efficiency.
12thWonder provides innovative tech solutions aimed at automating and digitizing business operations to enhance efficiency. With an emphasis on creating bespoke applications and products, the company caters to unique business needs across a variety of industries globally. Their approach is centered on interpersonal connections, agility, and collaboration, underlining a commitment to delivering tailored software solutions that address specific client challenges. The company’s expertise is not confined to software development; they also offer comprehensive QA services designed to ensure the delivery of high-quality digital products, emphasizing test automation, performance, mobile device, and manual testing methodologies to reduce costs and enhance product quality and customer satisfaction.


Founded: 2012
Headquarter: in the United States
Testlio specializes in managed app testing with a team size of 50-249 employees.
Key services: They offer a comprehensive suite of testing services including end-to-end, usability, localization, functional, and payments testing, aiming to ensure world-class customer experiences across various devices and languages. Testlio stands out for its robust client services, global network of expert testers, and a flexible, on-demand testing platform .

3. AppSierra 

Founded: 2015
Headquarters: in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, with a team size of 50-249 employees.
Key services: The company specializes in providing a wide range of services with a significant focus on testing services, alongside other software development solutions. They cater predominantly to small businesses, but also serve large and medium-sized enterprises across various industries. AppSierra prides itself on delivering quality-assured services, ensuring client satisfaction through viable and budget-friendly solutions.

4. ImpactQA Services 

Founded: 2011
Headquarters: in New York, with operations in India, London, Dallas, Munich, and Germany.
Key services: ImpactQA is a globally recognized software testing and QA consulting company. The company excels in delivering comprehensive testing services including quality engineering, AI-based test automation, performance engineering, and a full suite of continuous and automated testing services throughout the software development lifecycle. ImpactQA caters to a wide range of industries such as Healthcare, E-learning, BFSI, Ecommerce, Media, Logistics, Real Estate, and Medical Device Testing, serving both SMEs and Fortune 500 companies.

 5. QAlified  

Founded: 1992
Headquarters: in Uruguay and has a presence in the United States
Key services: QAlified has a focus on solving quality problems by reducing risks, maximizing efficiency, and strengthening organizations. They are an independent partner experienced in various technologies for any type of software. With a team size of 10-49 employees, they specialize entirely in testing services, catering primarily to medium businesses but also serving small and large businesses across industries such as healthcare, IT, and financial services.

6. KiwiQA Services 

Founded: 2009
Headquarter:  Australia
Key services: KiwiQA is a quality-focused and knowledge-centric firm specializing in a wide range of testing solutions across industry domains. With a team size of 50-249 employees, they are dedicated to providing world-class testing services, emphasizing risk management and implementable solutions. They have a strong expertise in delivering cost-effective, value-added testing services globally, including testing consultancy, test automation, specialized testing services, and managed testing services. KiwiQA has received several honors and awards, recognizing their excellence in the field. 

7. Testscenario 

Founded: 2014 
Headquarter: India
Key services:  Testscenario is a dedicated software testing firm that offers comprehensive Quality Assurance services. With a team size of 10-49, they are known for their expertise in delivering a broad range of testing solutions designed to enhance software quality. Their focus spans across various industries, providing specialized testing services tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.

8. IT Dev Group 

Founded: 2012
Headquarter: United States
Key Services:  IT Dev Group specializes in offering flexible and reliable QA solutions. With a team size ranging from 10 to 49 employees, they focus on providing innovative QA services designed to enhance software quality and performance. Their expertise covers a wide range of testing methodologies and technologies, tailored to meet the specific needs of their clients across various industries.

9. TESTCo 

Founded: 2002
Headquarter: United States
Key Services:  TESTCo, is a boutique software QA company that focuses on serving small and mid-sized companies with personalized services and clear communication. They specialize in providing a tailored approach to software quality assurance, ensuring that each client receives the attention and specific services needed to meet their unique quality goals.

10. TestingXperts 

Founded: 2013
Headquarter: United States
Key Services: TestingXperts specializes in QA and software testing for various industries like travel logistics, airlines, and automotive. They offer a range of services including AI testing, RPA testing, and data testing, catering to the specific needs of their clients with a focus on enhancing quality and efficiency.

11. A1QA 

Founded: 2003
Headquarters: Colorado and United States
Key Services:  A1QA offers comprehensive testing solutions covering all stages of the development lifecycle, with a specialization in QA automation and testing solutions in Agile methodology. They focus on enhancing software quality and efficiency through a wide range of testing services designed to meet the specific needs of their clients.

12. ImpactQA 

Founded: 2012
Headquarter: United States
Key Services:  ImpactQA provides a wide range of QA services including functional, performance, security, usability, compatibility, and IoT testing. They cater to various industries with a focus on delivering high-quality software testing solutions.

13. Stratosphere Quality  

Founded: 2009
Headquarters: in Indianapolis, Indiana, and has a geographic reach that includes the United States, Canada, Mexico, Japan, and China.
Key Services: Stratosphere Quality offers QA inspection services, sorting, rework, and quality assurance engineering with operations in multiple countries. They specialize in enhancing product quality for manufacturing and assembly industries through comprehensive inspection and rework solutions.

14. Texas Quality Assurance 

Founded: 2013
Headquarters: in Texas, United States
Key Services: Specializes in offering Quality Management Systems (QMS) consulting, internal auditing, and software solutions across various industries. Their key services are designed to improve process efficiency, compliance, and quality management for businesses seeking to enhance their quality assurance practices and standards.

15. QualityLogic 

Founded: 1986
Headquarter: in the United States
Key Services: QualityLogic offers QA and testing services for various industries including retail, eCommerce, media, telecom, and more. Their services encompass a broad spectrum aimed at enhancing product quality and performance through meticulous testing methodologies.