QA Services for an Automotive Manufacturer

Our client, a prominent automotive manufacturer, encountered significant challenges in managing payments to contractors through their application. Precision and accuracy were critical in this process due to the complex nature of the application, which not only handled regular payments but also factored in weekend work and overtime compensation. 

Recognizing the critical need for a more efficient testing process, the 12thWonder team implemented an automated testing solution to address these pain points. The key steps included: 

1. Automated Testing Setup: 12thWonder devised a tailored automated testing strategy to streamline the testing process. This strategy was designed to handle the intricate calculations and scenarios involved in contractor payments. 

2. Reduction in Testing Time: The implementation of automated testing had a transformative impact. It dramatically reduced the testing time from 2 weeks to just 1 day, enabling the client to expedite their release cycles and respond more rapidly to market demands.

The complexity of payment management and the extensive time required for testing were effectively mitigated by 12thWonder’s automated testing solution, resulting in improved accuracy, faster release cycles, and heightened operational efficiency for the client.

  • Streamline and automate intricate payment calculation processes.
  • Dramatically cut testing time: weeks to just a day.
  • Accelerate release cycles and enhance application responsiveness.
  • Complex Payment Management: The client's application needed to accurately calculate and manage payments for contractors, taking into account various factors such as regular hours, weekend work, and overtime. This complexity led to challenges in ensuring error-free payments.  
  • Extended Testing Time: One of the most pressing issues was the lengthy testing phase. It traditionally took the client's team a staggering 2 weeks to conduct comprehensive testing for each new release of the application. This extended testing duration not only delayed releases but also strained resources. 
  • Ensure precise and error-free contractor payments. 
  • Expedite the release of new application versions. 
  • Enhance overall operational efficiency. 
  • Meet customer expectations for timely updates and improvements. 

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