Robot Process Automation (RPA)

Your virtual 24/7 workforce. Automate your operations and allocate
human resources where it is really needed with our RPA solutions.

12th Wonder is ready to help you identify those which might be ripe for a RPA-based solution.

12th Wonder’s unique platform and tools-agnostic approach to RPA focuses on understanding the client’s business process, identifying the appropriate RPA platform, robotizing the process, and providing world-class customer support. RPA applied to the correct activity can dramatically improve operational efficiency and cost savings.

From our experience at 12th Wonder, using RPA for tasks that could be better suited can lead to failure to achieve the anticipated benefits. One unfortunate consequence of a poorly chosen automation project is that other worthwhile projects which could benefit from RPA are tarnished by those failed expectations. Thus, it is essential to choose one’s first RPA project with care to serve as an example of the promise of this technology.

We identify optimal RPA opportunities, ensuring success by focusing on tailored solutions and prioritizing careful project selection for maximum benefits.

Benefits of Robot Process Automation (RPA)

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Cost savings

Improved business outcomes with wage cost savings

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Reduces fraud

Less human contact with sensitive data reduces fraud

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Brand value

Reduces employee attrition thereby increases brand value

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Customer satisfaction

Faster service and reduction in manual errors

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Boost compliance

Immediate reduction in errors due to less human intervention

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Human resource

Effective use of the workforce where human skills are needed like cognitive, intuition

Empower your business with Robotic Process Automation

Transform, enable and scale your business

Achieve Competitive Advantage

Gain competitive advantage by focusing on the core business processes instead of stressing about workforce decisions. RPA allows for cost effective integration with other enterprise systems to open hidden cost savings opportunities.

Increase Employee & Customer Satisfaction

Allows time to innovate and focus on customer satisfaction. Improved employee morale – enables them to add more value and increases business outcomes.

Safegaurd Businesss

A properly “robotized” process records the transactions accurately and generates a searchable audit trail. It increases trace-ability and reduces risk of compliance errors. Reduces any security breach due to less human interaction.

Increase Agility

An always available and scalable workforce can be diverted to activities where or when the most significant demand exists. RPA technology is ‘trained’ to perform repeatable tasks at an astounding rate of speed and with perfect results each time.

12W Approach for RPA



We help you identify the processes that are ripe for automation and provide the most significant return on investment. We partner with you to evaluate and identify the RPA platform that is best suited for your environment.


We design, develop and deploy your RPA solution. We work closely with your IT department to ensure that RPA solution meets all the Security requirements. We help complete business processes faster and better.




We make it easy for you to raise a ticket for any support you need by providing a dedicated support portal for you. Get technical support to help you derive maximum value as we provide staged approach.



We train your staff to maintain the existing RPA solution, make enhancements or automate new processes. Our team consists of consultants, operation managers, project managers, and developers.

Why choose 12th wonder as your RPA provider?

  • Process assessment methodology
  • Best practices on process selection
  • Right framework for process automation
  • Support and maintenance
  • Building internal RPA capabilities
  • Proven suite of tools
Empower your business with our RPA solutions for competitive advantage, increased satisfaction, safeguarded operations, and enhanced agility.

Empower your business with Robotic Process Automation

Transform, enable and scale your business