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Performance Testing Done Right

At 12 Wonder, we understand that simply measuring load times is not enough to ensure optimal performance. Our end-to-end performance testing strategy goes beyond surface-level metrics to uncover and address bottlenecks, giving you the confidence to launch your product with maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our approach is designed to help you stay ahead of the competition in today’s fast-paced market. Keeping up with the industry standards, our performance testing techniques include:

Load Testing

How many people do you expect to interact with your app after it goes live? Will it perform just as well under high-volume load conditions? We'll simulate several people using your software at the same time to uncover performance bottlenecks and solve them before it's too late.

Stress Testing

We plan for the worst-case scenario by calculating how much stress the system can handle in terms of extreme load before its breaking point, monitor its performance during failures, and ensure seamless recovery and minimal downtime in the digital world. This can help us prepare for any unforeseen outages and malfunctions in case we make new system connections.

Scalability Testing

We define the scalability of your system by measuring its performance when faced with increasing loads. This helps you identify the exact point where your product stops scaling and why. Our goal is to understand how it will perform under different scales while preventing mishaps and avoiding unnecessary hardware investment.

Stability Testing

When your product goes online, it must remain stable over time and be available 24X7. Stability testing examines how your software performs under various load scenarios. We'll identify poor performance, unusual behavior, and crashes so you can schedule maintenance.

Volume Testing

If your system deals with a lot of data, volume testing helps us make sure your database doesn't become unresponsive or lose data. To do volume testing, we add data to your database until it reaches a certain threshold, then see how your system reacts.

Reliability Testing

We set an average 'everyday' load by raising the number of concurrent users and data processing to that level, then hold at that level for a specified period of time. We watch for any faults or odd behavior that might indicate the need for more capacity. This test can detect memory leaks or other problems that an intensive load test might overlook.

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Why do industry leaders choose 12th Wonder for performance testing needs?

At 12th Wonder, we take pride in our ability to continuously offer the best in performance testing services. Here are some of the ways we set ourselves apart from the competition:

Increase your revenue

Scalable solutions bring in more money. Our performance testing guarantees that your system will be able to handle an increasing number of users.

Provide an excellent user experience

You lose consumers if your system takes too long to load. Our performance testing service will ensure that your product or website will load in a few seconds.

Achieve your sales targets

How much are you willing to lose by not knowing your system’s user capacity? We’ll make sure your system is up and running at all times.

Remove bottlenecks in performance early on

We’ve found inevitable issues that are not apparent at the outset with most products and websites. We use cutting-edge techniques that identify potential risks before they become a nuisance and increase cost savings.

Quality Insight

We’re dedicated to giving you peace of mind by offering you comprehensive visibility into how your product works, including test results, test coverage, and more. Without a doubt, you’re in control at all times.

Walk that extra mile

We will also help you improve your product’s overall quality and user experience in addition to the other benefits. Our professional testers will tirelessly check for any performance issues and gaps in logic to ensure you have a faultless product.

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