Building Materials and Construction Industry

Simpson is a building materials and construction industry that ensures sustainability and high-quality construction products. Present in a diverse market, and with unfailing commitment to building better homes that last in the face of adversity, Simpson is committed to ethical construction. Leading a large business and ensuring the highest adherence to compliance, comes with an intention to propagate tribal knowledge.

To this end, Simpson provides free educational workshops and presentations across the nation at various Simpson and industry locations. These are post installation training and educational opportunities for their customers through workshops and sessions about proper specification, product installation and inspection of connectors and structural systems. Classes cover large attendee groups of engineers, architects, dealers, contractors and inspectors distributed across the globe and include both online instructor-led training as well as on site ‘lunch & learn sessions’.

  • Automate attendance management process for large virtual trainings
  • Automate outcomes for instructor lead training
  • Optimize return on existing technology investments
  • Need for seamless user experience across diverse platforms through data integration
  • Streamline attendance management and integrate legacy systems with video conferencing
  • Ensure compliance and timely certificate delivery
  • Automated sign-in and sign-out system for class attendance management
  • 90% reduction in administrative workload resulting in significant annual cost savings
  • Integrated Pathlore (existing LMS) and ZOOM for seamless registration and video conferencing.

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“12thWonder’s solution has been a real win-win for us. It helped us improve our efficiency while providing our customers a far superior overall experience with our training events.”

Charles Roesset | Director, Traning

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