Data Management

GIS-based Data management is waking the world to the power of geography, this integration science, and has the framework for creating a better future.

Data Management Services

12thWONDER takes care of Geodatabase intelligently through ArcGIS, a complete, integrated GIS platform. It is a system for managing information, organizing and visualizing maps and data, and analyzing relationships and patterns over any geography. This allows you to design, plan, and perform predictive analytics.

We specialize in GIS-based Data Management, intelligent geodatabase solutions, data migration, interoperability, and quality checks for enhanced data maturity.

Data Migration​

12thWONDER assists in moving spatial / non-spatial data from one system to another. Our expertise in extracting from diversified sources, transforming as per the rule base and loading the data in the target system is accomplished with in-house tools drives using the data mapping as focal.
Data migration provides excellent and rapid results when following are clear enough

Data Interoperability

12thWONDER has experience and expertise in Data integration/interoperability, which combines data from different sources into a single, unified view. Data integration ultimately enables analytics tools to produce effective, actionable business intelligence.

In a typical data integration process, the client sends a request to the master server for data. The master server then intakes the needed data from internal and external sources. The data is extracted from the sources, then consolidated into a single, cohesive data set. This is served back to the client for use.
Challenges that pose the data integrations are as follows:

Data Preparation

12thWONDER is skilled in GIS data processing with proper handling of data cleaning and transforming raw data for the processing and analysis. The team is expertise in reforming the data, making suitable corrections and combining of the data sets to enrich data.

Data Quality Checking

With 12thWONDER’s extensive experience in conducting quality checks and quality assurance, we ensure the accuracy and fitness of the data. Our domain knowledge helps us to identify the cascading impact of the error on the overall networks, and data integrity issues help us to identify the critical areas to business, classify them as per the business impact and prioritize fixing them, leading to data maturity to the purpose.

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