Data Digitization

Data Digitization is a conclusive technique for data and storage in the GIS project. It is mostly used to capture the coordinates in point, line, or polygon format.

Data Digitization and Network Capturing

GIS conversion is the process of geographical data conversion from one format to another through geographic information systems. With the large amount of geographical data at our exposure, it is always wise to go for data conversion rather than recreating it.

It can be a real problem when data is transferred between applications that use different information formats. As part of our GIS conversion services, we ensure that these issues are resolved completely, and the end user is able to convert data efficiently into almost any software application. Our GIS program support many types of data conversion, such as: Vector to Vector, Raster to Raster, Vector to Raster and Raster to Vector.
We excel in GIS data digitization, precise network capturing, data conversions, and continuous improvements for enhanced positional accuracy and data integrity.

Network improvements & Maintenance

Need to ensure networks that are impacted with incremental changes to the existing network. Our configurable rule base validates the data and its dependencies on the fly as per the network rule bases. Thus, it enables efficiency, optimizations, error-free networks, and integrity.

Network Capturing & Digitization

Data capturing and digitization of the network can be simplified with 12th Wonder's in-house applications using georeferenced images and maps and maintaining the land base with a dynamically configured rule base. Our in-house applications improve operations efficiency and enable informed decisions by combining expertise in various domains and experience in designing, building, and integrating network data across platforms.

Data Conflations & Positional Accuracy Improvements

With the continuous improvements in the land base accuracy, network data layered on top of the land bases must be aligned accordingly. Hence conflation data with land base is a continuous process. In most of the scenarios land base is supplied by either land base vendors or the government organizations periodically. Our in-house conflating tools adjust the network data based on the conflation points and provides us confidence value to review the false positives.

12W Work Process

Streamlining from data collection through processing, conversion, storage, quality check, and final correction, we deliver precise data digitization for optimal final output.

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