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Case Study Spotlight: Revolutionizing Utility Asset Management

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At 12th Wonder, we are transforming the way utility companies manage their assets. In one of our recent projects, we partnered with a leading utility provider to tackle a critical challenge: extending the lifespan of their utility assets while ensuring efficient operations. 

The Challenge:
Utility companies often face high operational costs and frequent outages due to unexpected weather conditions, Load demand, outdated technology, Vegetation growth and fragmented data systems. Our client needed a robust solution to streamline their network mapping, improve asset management, and enhance overall efficiency.

Our Solution: 

  • Network Mapping & Analysis: Utilizing our expertise in GIS, we developed the concept of precise mapping to locate utility assets (e.g., pipelines, cables, transformers), Visual interpretation of utility network , identification of affected areas like outage of leaks and developed Mobile Application for optimization of resource allocation by prioritizing maintenance. 
  • AI & ML Integration:  We implement AI and ML technology to analyze equipment failures using historical data from IoT sensors and smart meters, enabling timely maintenance and reducing downtime. 

AI-driven GIS systems predict and respond to outages by analyzing past incident patterns. 
ML algorithms optimize grid distribution and reduce energy losses, while AI manages water utility pressure zones to minimize leaks and bursts. 

Fraud detection: AI algorithms can detect anomalies in consumption data that may indicate fraud or theft. 

  • System Integration: Seamless integration with existing SCADA, ERP, and CRM systems ensured a unified platform for all data, enhancing decision-making processes. 

The Results: 

  • 30% Reduction in Outage Response Time: By leveraging geospatial intelligence, we optimized their outage management processes. 
  • Extended Asset Lifespan: Real-time IoT monitoring and advanced data analytics contributed to better maintenance and reduced wear and tear on critical infrastructure. 
  • Cost Savings: Our tailored solutions helped the client save millions in operational costs and improved overall efficiency. 

At 12th Wonder, we believe in harnessing the power of geospatial technology to create tailored solutions that drive tangible results. Ready to transform your utility operations? Let’s discuss how we can help you achieve similar success! 

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