Who We Are


We’re 12th Wonder, a team of international technology problem solvers with a knack for automation and digitization. We develop custom software products that help our clients move, act, and operate more efficiently. We tailor-make applications and products to tackle your needs with careful precision

Founded in 2012, 12th Wonder is headquartered in California, with branches in Ivory Coast, Tokyo, and Pune. Combined, our team speaks nearly fifteen languages, which enables us to work with businesses across the globe.

We’re sharp, diverse, and fun. More importantly, we’re here to solve your most nagging technology problems. Give us a call.

Our Values

There’s a human component behind every product that’s created.
The best way to know our team is to understand the values that guide our work.
We invest in the wellbeing of our team because we know that by taking good care of each other,
we’re equipped to take good care of our clients.

Here are the values that keep us on track

Be nice

Human relationships are at the core of everything we do at 12th Wonder, even services as seemingly impersonal as automating robotic processes. We put customer relationships above all else, seeking to connect with you to truly learn your pain points and create solutions that actually make the headache go away.

Be flexible

In an age of one-size-fits-all software, we have chosen a different path. We have a few products of our own, which we’ll tailor to meet your specific business needs. Our team can also custom-build just about any software, and we have pride in our ability to meet the unique needs of each company that crosses our path. It’s more fun for us to solve real-life problems: that’s what we’re here to do.

Practice active listening

To create customizable products and offer bespoke software solutions to each client, we prioritize the art of listening. When managers come to us, they don’t always have a solution worked out — sometimes the problem looms large and may seem insurmountable. By actively listening to you, we can work together to imagine a software solution that’s attuned to your precise needs.

Unparalleled collaboration

Our team of developers are agile — which means we work concurrently to tackle complex projects and compile code as we go. By implementing continuous processes and combining developer skill sets, we’re able to efficiently build and ship better products faster. Everybody wins.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes

We have the tendency to try out bold new ideas for each custom software project. This means that you may not like a feature or may see a need for adjustments — and our team is happy to make changes. We take risks because we know our awesome clients will give us the feedback we need to correct any missteps or adjust the software as needed. This dynamic process allows us to find truly innovative solutions to complex issues.

Speak your mind

We don’t see the need to save face or beat around the bush when it comes to interacting with each other or our clients. Our culture of directness means that what you see is what you get. It also means that every voice is equally valuable. By being straightforward, we can get to the heart of the issue — and solve it — with real input from those involved.


12th-Wonder serving the Automative industry

Gabe Thendean is an experienced software professional and thought leader. His passion is identifying software innovations that will make a leap, and enabling society to live better, safer and more productively. Gabe believe AI, machine learning and distributed applications like blockchain are the beginning of just that.

Gabe has diverse software development experiences in: banking & financial; environmental, health & safety; mobile telecommunication, enterprise software, consulting, and civil engineering; working at BlackBerry, SAP, Sphera, Sybase, Wells Fargo and Xerox.His specialties include software technology research, POC development, agile software development, coaching, team facilitator, lean product development,and design thinking.

Gabe was a practicing Professional Engineer in the state of Ohio between 1993 and 1999, specializing insoftware and hardware instrumentations, signal processing for non-destructive testing of buildings & bridges and offshore structures. He performed engineering services in 20 US states and 13 countries. He collaborated with the University of Colorado Boulder to use neural network in solving engineering problem.

Gabe hold Master degree in engineering from Cornell University, and bachelor degrees in Computer Science and Civil Engineering from the University of NSW in Sydney, Australia.