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Quality Engineering has a pivotal role to play in ensuring the software and applications developed for your business deliver real, measurable value and function according to specification and expectations.


At 12th Wonder we understand how important it is that your Quality Engineering partner “puts themselves in your shoes” and truly understands what drives your business forward in today’s insanely competitive global business environment.


Our Quality Engineers have experience across the whole range of skills critical to the successful delivery of agile software development projects – unlike Functional Testers (for example), who generally lack programming skills.



We believe our commitment to rapid customer knowledge acquisition, coupled with the impressive skill sets our highly qualified Quality Engineers possess, set 12th Wonder apart.


Here’s what to expect from 12th Wonder and our Quality Engineers when you partner with us:


  • Quality Plan and Strategy – we define how software will be tested in line with your stated objectives, business context and the potential risks involved.
  • Review and Revise Code – our QE’s understand code and can, therefore, suggest improvements and develop an action plan based on code analysis.
  • Effectively Communicate Bug Fixes & Incidents – our QE’s are effective communicators who can not only produce incident reports but ensure fixes are carried out effectively.
  • Know and Work with the GIT Flow – we treat test code just like system code using the same development tools and version management systems.
  • Understand your Business Vision – we think like business owners ensuring your software deliverable is precisely in line with the vision you have for your business.



Everything we do is relevant to your business strategy and objectives, we’re driven by your specific requirements, no “one size fits all” here.



We’re focused on the early identification and fixing of defects resulting from functional gaps.



Because our Quality Engineers have the expertise to define a detailed strategy and quality plan at the outset, we avoid time wasted on multiple, unnecessary testing cycles.



We ensure your project completes at optimal cost and without wasting money on irrelevant testing cycles, functional gaps and unforeseen development expenses.


As a 12th Wonder partner you can be fully confident you’re working with a company that takes the time to understand your business vision and functional needs precisely.


We’re acutely aware you expect software development projects to be delivered on time, to specification and within budget, and we’re laser-focused on meeting your expectations.


Our attention to detail, highly qualified, cross-functional Quality Engineers, and commitment to your success is what truly sets us apart.

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