The explosion of cloud services means it’s only a matter of time before you’re strategizing how best to migrate all or part of your information infrastructure to the cloud.

Could be you’re considering a hybrid cloud approach allowing you to take advantage of the flexibility cloud has to offer while leveraging your in-house assets. Alternatively, you may be weighing up the benefits of going all in with a heavier reliance on an off premise, cloud-based solution.

Whatever the case, planning a migration of apps, data and services to the cloud can be challenging. It’s essential to have a detailed migration plan (roadmap) worked out up front to ensure each stage of the process runs smoothly, on time and in line with budgets and service delivery expectations.

Why consider migrating to the cloud?

Flexibility and agility

Eliminate the need for long-term planning of hardware and software requirements, scale up and down quickly as and when operational considerations dictate.


Remove in house “information silos” that restrict effective collaboration between departments, exploit all company data seamlessly and instantly without geographical restrictions.

Complete solution

Cloud providers bundle several features such as logging, monitoring, disaster recovery, guaranteed SLAs and more as part of their solutions, leading to virtually zero downtime and improved customer satisfaction.


Cloud service providers have robust security protocols in place with high visibility, reporting and monitoring as standard.

Cost effectiveness

Pay only for what you need avoiding over-estimated and wasted expenditure on unnecessary hardware and software licenses.

Fixed cost

Organizations are taking advantage of the predictable, monthly fixed cost that’s a feature of cloud computing and moving expenditure from capex to opex in the company accounts.

12th Wonder cloud consulting and strategy services – we’re in your corner

At 12th Wonder we have an intimate understanding of the intricacies involved in migrating all or part of your existing information infrastructure to the cloud.

Cloud migrations involve more than plugging your existing data into a new platform and flicking a switch.

We’re on a mission to move you to cloud as quickly and painlessly as possible by leveraging tried and tested methodologies and strategies that dramatically reduce your time to value from your investment.

We position you to maximize benefits from a solution that delivers the right blend of innovation, agility and security for your exact situation, your vision and your future business requirements

In short, at 12th Wonder we listen carefully to your needs and execute a migration solution that delivers all the benefits of cloud with minimal risk to business continuity.

Let us do the heavy lifting – partner with 12th Wonder today

Our comprehensive cloud services offerings are conceived and delivered with an overarching commitment to take the complexity out of migrating to cloud or leveraging cloud-based apps such as Microsoft Office 365, ServiceNow and Salesforce.

You’re just a phone call (or email if you prefer) away from unlocking the benefits of cloud and all that means for your business in terms of increased productivity, collaboration and cost savings.

Get in touch today, we’re waiting to hear from you. Let’s travel the road on your journey to the cloud together.

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