Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0

The fourth industrial revolution, known as Industry 4.0, is currently underway. Manufacturing and industrial organizations are rapidly incorporating technology, interconnectivity, and data in order to transform their operations. It is a simple concept to understand. Many devices that engineers never dreamed of having internet connection are being hooked right up to the internet. Now, nearly every device in a manufacturing setting, from 3D printers to sensors, has the potential to become a ‘smart machine.’

Manufacturers need to adapt to technology in this rapidly changing world in order to keep customers happy and stay ahead of the competition. Your company risks going out of business if new technology is not incorporated into your operations. The benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 are numerous. Increased revenue, cost reduction, and improved manufacturing operations are just three benefits that manufacturing companies will enjoy by embracing the newest industrial revolution. Your manufacturing operations will reach new heights if everything is properly implemented.

With these ample benefits, why hasn’t every company made the switch to Industry 4.0? Alas, this is largely because digitally transforming your company is not as easy as one would think. There are many pitfalls that could leave your operations worse off than before adopting Industry 4.0 practices.

Understanding potential Industry 4.0 pitfalls
Connecting devices to the internet and cloud is a fantastic concept in and of itself. However, there are inherent risks with Industry 4.0 that many manufacturers are blissfully unaware of. Shockingly, approximately 76% of IIoT projects fail. It is imperative to know what pitfalls are ahead in the digital transformation process in order to avoid failure.

Cybersecurity is one of the main issues that arises when manufacturers begin to switch over to Industry 4.0 devices and technology. As your company connects more of its devices to the internet and cloud, each device represents a point-of-entry for hackers. Malicious hackers know that manufacturers possess valuable information, from technical drawings to customer information. Protecting this data is of the utmost importance, as data leaks can result in government fines as well as a lack of customer trust. If the proper cybersecurity measures are not taken, then hackers can easily infiltrate any Industrial Internet of Things device and compromise your entire network.

Another common trap that companies can fall into is improper device communication. Just like when your phone attempts to connect to your car via bluetooth, there are a number of issues that can arise during this process. If all the devices are not properly configured, they may not be communicating between each properly — or perhaps not at all. In a manufacturing setting, this could result in production delays or even serious injuries to employees. The proper approach must be taken in order to avoid any device communication issues.

Industry 4.0 offers companies a host of incredible tools and data that employees can utilize in order to make better decisions. The issue is that many employees are often not properly trained to use the new technology. They are often left with incomplete instructions or little guidance on how to use the new data and tools at their disposal. Companies will then have shiny, expensive new toys, but are unable to utilize them to their fullest extent.

You need a company who is well-versed in Industry 4.0 and taking industrial manufacturers through the digital transformation process.

12th Wonder is here to guide your Industry 4.0 needs
12th Wonder can help any organization with concerns about upgrading their systems to Industry 4.0 standards. Digital implementation and transformation can be incredibly intimidating for a manufacturer who does not openly embrace new technology. Many manufacturers do not have the technological capabilities to handle a complete digital transformation themselves.

Thankfully, 12th Wonder will hold your hand throughout the entire process. Your manufacturing operations and devices will be fully optimized with the latest IIoT technology. Every manufacturer is different and requires an approach that will solve their individual issues. Our team will create a unique, customized solution that fully addresses all of your needs.

We leave no stone unturned. Your engineering team will openly collaborate with our engineering team to ensure that all issues are covered. Teams in different areas of the company, such as logistics and quality control, will be able to come together with 12th Wonder to create a solution that meets every teams’ needs. There are countless areas of your business that could benefit from Industry 4.0, and we work with you to find areas that will benefit the most from new technology.

We do not leave you with a complicated system with no support. Our team will teach the necessary parties all they need to know about any newly implemented technology. When your team is ready to launch your Industry 4.0 processes and devices, they will be properly prepared to utilize the newly installed technology and optimize your operations.

Putting the wrong company in charge of your digital transformation can lead to disastrous results. You need experts who will address all of your needs and leave you with a comprehensive solution that will improve your operations. Reach out to 12th Wonder today to learn more about how your organization can implement Industry 4.0 technology and practices. Stay ahead of the competition and take your manufacturing operations to the next level by leveraging the Industrial Internet of Things with 12th Wonder.
Email [email protected] or call our headquarters at +1 (415) 851-1284 to take your company into the Industry 4.0 age.

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